Welcome to Kitty Cave

We know you and your cat(s) will have fun and enjoyment with our wonderful cat cave. It’s easy to set up and use. As you can see, our design is quite different from most other cat caves you’ve seen on the market. Additionally most cat caves are not made from 100% wool but ours is. Our wool is right off the back of the sheep. It is manually sheared by people versus mechanically processed, then washed, needle punched and pressed to its 3/8” thickness. Kitty Cave has no post processing materials or chemicals applied to it. It also has no dyes applied and the carbon footprint to harvest 1 pound of wool is less than that for cotton. Also, wool is naturally flame retardant and does not require the treatments that flammable materials such as cotton, rayon, and acrylic require. Thanks for buying a Kitty Cave! We guarantee you’ll like it. OK let’s make the Kitty Cave!

• Each Kitty Cave comes with 3 plastic rods but we’ve given you 1 extra just in case. The plastic rods cut easily with a pair of scissors.
• Insert the plastic rods into the GREY fabric channels sewn on the “inside” of the Kitty Cave. The “outside” of the Kitty Cave has the Label sewn on it.
• The rods are plenty long enough and the idea is to leave them extending out one or both sides of the Kitty Cave by about 3 to 4 inches so they bypass themselves in the fabric channels when the Kitty Cave is rolled into a tube shape.
• Starting at one end first, insert the left-over plastic rod back into the channel attaching the Velcro® together as you go. Then work on the middle and finally the other end. You can re-adjust the Velcro® easily if needed after the Kitty Cave is in this tube shape. That’s it!
• Insert the rods so they are flush with the fabric on both sides cutting to length with the scissors.
• Roll the Kitty Cave into a tube by attaching the Velcro® together and you’re done!
• The Kitty Cave in time will become slightly teardrop in shape which is fine too!
• Play with your cats in and on it.
• Leave them alone to sleep in and on it.
• Sprinkle catnip all over it.
• Hand-wash when dirty or soiled.
• Thanks for supporting Kitty Cave and Enjoy!