Kitty Cave Original™


Kitty Cave Original – World’s BEST Cat Cave on Amazon $79.95
Handmade & Sewn in Seattle, WA – USA – Manufactured by Kitty Cot

Kitty Cave™ comes from the same guy who invented the Kitty Cot™. The only Sisal Cat Cave™ on the market today. We’re sure you and your cat(s) will have fun and enjoyment with our wonderful Kitty Cat Cave. Our Cat Cave is made from the finest Sisal available. Cats absolutely love to scratch, claw, play and smell the Sisal. It makes the perfect hiding, sleeping and play place for all cats. The Kitty Cave comes flat and simply rolls into the Cat Cave by attaching its’ Velcro edges. It is extremely durable and has a wonderful look, perfect for any home or place. The dimensions are purrfect of course measuring 19″ Long x 9″ Wide x  9″ Tall. It weighs just 2 pounds and ships flat. You and your cats are sure to have many wonderful moments in and around the Kitty Cave™ brought to you by Kitty Cot™. Just like the Kitty Cot™, we guarantee you and your cat(s) will like the Kitty Cave™.