Kitty Cave™ Instructions

Thanks for buying the Kitty Cave Original. We hope you and your cat(s) will like our all-natural Sisal Kitty Cave. Kitty Cave is made by the same Company that makes and sells our very popular “Kitty Cot Original”, and best of all, both of our cat products are manufactured right here in Seattle, WA, the “Emerald City”.

We’ve always wanted to create a Cat Cave made from Sisal. Of course, we wanted it to be useful and attractive, just the right size, able to lay flat like a pad and above all could be shipped flat.

The Kitty Cave is simple to set up. All you have to do to create the cat cave is attach the Velcro edges together. Just envision a rounded top mailbox like the one you see sitting in front of your house or maybe a neighbor’s house and that’s what the Kitty Cave looks like in it’s cave position, except our cat cave has no closed ends. Remember… it can also lay flat like a mat or pad.